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May 01

Patterned by Nature from Sosolimited on Vimeo.

Fast Company: Watch Swooping Birds Fly Across An Oversized Game Boy Screen, Made of 3600 LCDs

It’s a stunning piece of signage, and also incredible eco-friendly.

Designed for the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences’ Nature Research Center by Hypersonic, Plebian Design, SoSo Ltd, and Andy Merriell & Associates, Patterned by Nature is a new electronic sculpture of epic proportions. And, amazingly, the entire installation sips on just 75 watts, or “less than the power of a laptop.”

“We were inspired by the form of this atrium which is really grand entrance the museum, surrounded by glass. We knew we could play creatively with all the natural light filling the space,” Hypersonic’s Bill Washabaugh tells Co.Design. “Using the natural sunlight as the backlight, we are simply blocking that light with a very low power Liquid Crystal Display pixel.” (click to read on)

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